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Please bring your own instrument to each lesson (except for piano and drums). There are no "loaner" instruments available at the school.

Always wash your hands just prior to playing the instrument.

Keep your music in a waterproof book-bag, and bring it to every lesson.

Pianos should be tuned twice yearly and the damper pedal (far right) MUST be working properly. Students will achieve better technique on an acoustic piano than on a "keyboard" because the weighted feeling of a hammer hitting the strings develops the hand muscles properly. If you must use a keyboard, the minimum requirements are: 88 "fully-weighted" keys and a damper pedal.

Guitar and Electric Bass strings need to be changed every couple of months. Keep a supply of extra picks available in your case (use the hard ones: between 1.0 and 2.0 mm).

Violins and Violas need new strings every 4 to 6 months and need a shoulder-pad to work effectively.

Cellos and Acoustic Basses should be re-strung at least once a year.

Bows need to be re-haired when the hair becomes soiled or hair-loss becomes noticeable. All bowed instruments need a good rosin cake in the case (apply every couple of days).

Do NOT leave your instrument in the car other than to transport it to and from lessons. Extreme temperatures will destroy the sonic capabilities of wooden instruments!

All instrument cases should contain a rag to clean off any finger-oils and moisture after playing.

Choosing an Instrument

A bad instrument can prevent a student from succeeding just as a great instrument tends to propel a student forward to the highest levels of playing.

This is especially true for violin, viola, cello and bass because ear-training depends on hearing "overtones" not present on inexpensive instruments.

For this reason, you should always buy the best instrument you can afford.

String Players should up-grade as the student matures and keep the instruments in good maintenance with adequate bow-hair, rosin, and fresh strings.

Choosing a Merchant
The following local merchants exceed our exacting standards

Paul Schuback (Violin, Viola, Cello) offers incredible classical instruments set-up to peak performance, reasonable prices, with a full trade-up allowance. And, he pays wonderful attention to customer service. Jerome purchased his first bow from Paul in 1975, and 3 of the most amazing instruments on his wall of came from Schuback.

Schuback Violin Shop
1255 NW 9th
Portland, OR 97209
Tel: 503.916.4430
Tel :1-800-99-CELLI
Email: violin@schuback.com

Wally's Music: Winds, Percussion, and Bluegrass Instruments: Fiddle, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Rental, Purchase, Repair, Sheet Music, Accessories.
Above the Oregon City Elevator
Tel: 503.656.5323
607 Washington St.
Oregon City, Or

Piano Tuners: Rich Cooper: 503.631.8132, Larry Fisher: 360.256.2999

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