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CONSTRUCTION 2013 - 13 Projects


Deck Drainage Before

Earthquake Retrofit A35's Before

Earthquake Retrofit Anchor Bolts Before

Earthquake Crawlspace Door Before

Earthquake Repair Shop Posts Before

Earthquake Plywood for Shear Before

Fireplace Doors Before

Roof over Stairs Before

Rotting Shed Deck Before

Rotting Side of House Before

Rotting Stairs Before

Spare Room Floor Before

Sump Pump Generator Before

Deck Drainage after

Earthquake Retrofit A35's After

Earthquake Retrofit Anchor Bolts After

Earthquake Crawlspace Door After

Earthquake Repair Shop Posts After

Earthquake Plywood for Shear After

Fireplace Doors After

Roof over Stairs After

Rotting Shed Deck After

Rotting Side of House After

Rotting Stairs After

Spare Room Floor After

Sump Pump Generator After