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The Music School was born in the basement of a duplex in West Linn, Oregon in 1986. It all started with one student and by 1992 we had outgrown the space with 60 students.

In 1993 The Music School Inc. moved from West Linn to 508 Main Street in Oregon City, Oregon. Over the next 13 years over 100,000 music lessons were taught from that building.

By 2006 several extremely noisy neighboring businesses and bad building management caused us to buy a permanent building and move the school back to West Linn. The house we purchased for this purpose was built in 1971 and needed so many modifications that we completed 124 projects with continuous construction over 8 years to get it where it needed to be. Through it all, Jerome acted as contractor and construction manager and performed the construction with his own hands with help from some amazing friends.

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2006-2007: Rebuild the House (23 Projects)

2006-2007: Build Soundproof Studios (11 Projects)

2008: Build a Repair Shop (23 Projects)

2009: Construction (11 Projects)

2010: Construction (8 Projects)

2011: Construction (12 Projects)

2012: Construction (15 Projects)

2013: Construction (13 Projects)

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