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BRAIN DEVELOPMENT ~ Recent studies have shown that the least you can expect from music lessons is better math scores (particularly geometry), and that the corpus callosum (an area of the brain responsible for communication between the right and left brain hemispheres) becomes 4 to 6 times larger in musicians (particularly if they begin piano study before the age of 7). In addition, we notice increased mental focus, confidence and creativity in our students. Self discipline and the ability to make and meet commitments improves, and something that is hard to put your finger on occurs: an increased sense of joy and beauty in life.

CD PRODUCTION ~ To facilitate the "joy of musical ownership" and higher self esteem, we guide the students through the recording and production process of producing a professional CD of their performances each year. The finished CD's are suitable for a "demo" to solicit gigs and to give as gifts.

REAL ROCK BANDS! (Not the video game). Prior to each recital students who play the Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys or Sing are formed into Rock or Jazz bands and perform as a group. This prepares each student for the "real world" and the art of listening to other players and making real-time adjustments in pitch, speed and style in front of a live audience.

DUETS train the students in the same areas as the rock bands but on a smaller scale. Piano for 4 hands, Violin and Viola, 2 Flutes, Banjo and Bass, 2 Guitars, Recorder and Mandolin, Double Bass and Piano; the combinations are endless!

In addition to these recitals, we encourage our students to play out in the community. Some of the events our students have participated in:

Performances at retirement and nursing homes, Dornbecker, and Shriners.
Paid Wedding Performances.
Perform at the Portland International Airport (PDX).
The State Solo and Ensemble Contests, and Mt. Hood Orchestra Contest.
Audition for The Metropolitan Youth Symphony and travel the world!
Performances at school talent shows, concerts, dinner parties, and churches.
Become the accompanist for the High School Jazz Band or Choir!
Music scholarships for college.
Local public schools and music stores are using our students and graduates as their instructors.
A daylong retreat to Seaside and Cannon Beach....

Local orchestras our students perform with:

Beaverton, OR
Beaverton Chamber Symphony
(503) 640-8512

Lake Oswego, OR
Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra
(503) 636-1439

Oregon City, OR
Willamette Falls Symphony
(503) 656-6899

Metropolitan Youth Symphony
(503) 656-6899


University of Portland Community Orchestra
(503) 283-7294

Jewish Community Orchestra
(503) 244-0111

Portland Youth Philharmonic
(503) 223-5939

Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra
(503) 504-8788