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Back when we took private lessons, it consisted of a teacher, a music stand, and an acoustic piano. No frills, no forward thinking, no technology.


Today, our studios embrace each student with surround sound, MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) which enables the instruments to communicate with the computers, computerized music theory, arranging, composition, video and recording equipment with digital quality we only dreamed of 30 years ago.

During a typical Rock or Jazz lesson, the student or teacher might bring in a CD, MIDI file, MP3, Youtube Video or Tablature downloaded from the internet. That information is then arranged, converted into wave format and mixed with sound-effects as part of their CD production. Classical students may use MIDI to make a piano or guitar sound like a flute (or 150 other instrumental sounds).

In conjunction with their private lessons, some students arrange their own music on the Music Theory computers. We use “Band in a Box” to simply type in chords and get instant arrangements, and “Cakewalk” to record performances on the touch-sensitive keyboards at each computer work-station. These compositions are then transferred by disk to our “Master” recording computers and put on the CD’s.

Summer students have an opportunity to make a Music Video complete with "green-screen" backdrops (like the weather-man uses on television). The video is edited, mixed with sound-effects and burned with menus to DVD. 

As technology advanced and changed the face of our planet, we embraced and rode that change by incorporating it into our instrumental teaching, performing, and theory instruction. And through it all we have not lost sight of the fact that technology is the slave to our teaching of traditional doctrine (not vice versa).

We have come so far that we do not know of any studio anywhere that can even begin to compete with what we offer on a weekly basis to our students. We purchased our first music-theory computer in the 1980's and have stayed on the cutting edge of teaching techniques and technology ever since.