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To learn is to change. Education is a process that changes the learner....

The following unsolicited letters are on file at The Music School.

Dear Mr.C, "I've never felt the power of success like I felt it in your class. I absolutely love playing and I've gained a great respect for music. Thank you for your instruction and thank you so much for helping me get that scholarship. I can't wait to study at Mt. Hood! I will definately miss your class, but I'm going to work really hard and I'll never quit until I reach my dream! Some day I'll be recognized in a big way! Your class was a wonderful growing experience for me and I'll never forget it."

Graduating Senior Violin student

Dear Jerome, "You are one of the BEST gifts my son has received in this life. God bless you!"

Parent of a Guitar/Saxophone student

Jerome, "It's almost the end of my high school career, and as I look back on it I fondly reminisce about the time we spent together. You are an excellent teacher, and an amazing human being. I learned so much from you - about music and life. I pray that you will continue to touch others lives as you so touched mine. God Bless."

Graduating Senior Piano student

Dear Jerome, "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I've had with you over the past year. I have learned so much about music and myself. And most importantly I've had a lot of fun, which is what I believe music is all about."

Graduating Voice student

Jerome, "Thank you so much for being such a great teacher. We got lucky when we found you!"

Parent of a Drums student

Dear Jerome, "I can't even begin to thank you for what you have done for our daughter and our family. Your generous gift has touched us deeply and restored my faith in the human spirit.God Bless."

Parent of a Graduating Violin student

Dear Mr. Couture, "I wanted to pass on a very belated thank-you for writing the reference letter for me. I am continually grateful for your support and often keep in mind the sustained positivity you always express. The band Bad Brains refers to keeping PMA (positive mental attitude). Frequently, your inspiration stretches to Washington D.C. hardcore too! Thanks again."

Graduated College Cello student

Jerome, "Thank you so much for teaching our son the cello and passing on a love of music to him. He has always enjoyed his lessons with you - you are so upbeat and I know he likes being around you and bouncing ideas (hatching plans?!) with you. It has been a great 7 years, he will miss you. Warmest blessings. "

Parent of a Graduating Cello student

Jerome, It is really because of you that I got into teaching. Thank you so much for all of your support over the years. I wouldn't be doing what I am doing today without you. You truly helped me to discover my passion!

Former Violin/Viola Teacher-Training student

Dear Jerome, "Everything I learned not only on guitar, but viola as well, I owe to you. All of my knowledge of music, and of meditation, I owe to you. I hope you realize that what you have given to me is the best thing any human could give. Not only were you an awesome teacher to me, but you made my high school experience bearable because of the positive outlook you taught me to have, and I always looked forward to lessons with you. And on top of teaching me all these things, you were someone I could relate to. There are a few people in a kid's life (aside from the parents) that make a world of difference. You were one of those people for me. I cannot thank you enough."

Graduating Guitar student

Dear Jerome and Corinne, "I have not talked to you much about my daughter or the extra work and effort you contributed to her musical talents and her education. Your guidance and love for music has helped her and many of your musical students. I do want you to know, your work has been noticed and appreciated."

Parent of a Piano/Violin student

Mr.Couture, "My son is a new person. He really blossoms when an important figure smiles on him. The benefit is showing in his other classes and in himself. He smiles from within, he is happy with his world -- his world is a lot better because of you. If he continues to do so well in all of his classes it's due to your positive strokes -- ever more I like his music. Thanks."

Parent of a Violin student

Jerome and Corinne, "Yes, your playing today KNOCKED ME OUT. West Linn students are most fortunate to have you as model players."

Assistant Superintendent of West Linn Schools

Thank you Jerome, for your enthusiasm and interest in kids....it is very refreshing to have you in my world to offer hope for the future. I appreciate your love for the students. Thank you more than I can express. When you touch the students and can help them learn with interest, you have done more than can be measured. Thank you again."

Parent of a Cello/Drums student

Dear Jerome, "You have had a huge influence on me. Not only have you taught me and advanced my skills with the violin, but you have given me a whole new perspective on life."

14 year old Violinist

Dear Jerome, "Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of playing the violin. You have a wonderful gift in teaching."

Adult Violin student

Dear Jerome, "Thanks for all you do...you are a joy in our daughter's life...we could not ask for a better teacher and influence. She leaves your studio each week beaming....Thanks!."

Parent of a 12 year old Piano/Violin student

Dear Jerome, "You are a great teacher. You taught me a lot. You're a great musician. Bass Friday's were fun!"

Primary school Bass student

Dearest Corinne (and Jerome) , Thank you so much for the great CD! I am going to refer another friend to you because I know you're the BEST piano teacher ever.

Parent of Graduated Piano Student

Dear Jerome, "We've loved our relationship with you and appreciate all you've done for our kids. We wish you all the best in the future."

Parent of Viola and Guitar students

Dear Jerome, "Thanks for another wonderful year of your teaching. It truly inspires me. I always feel so much better after an hour with you and my violin."

Adult Violin student

Dear Jerome, "You left behind many fans of your music and contagiously ALIVE personality. You were definately a plus to the workshop. I am sending our best regards for your continued enthusiastic full of life and spirit approach. You're a person worth knowing -- and I'm sure your students are brightened by your approach to all."

Master Teacher at a University of Michigan music workshop

Dear Jerome, "Thank you so much for making Bass Guitar exciting for our son. He was very happy with his lesson tonight (as were we!). Thank you, too, for taking time to speak with us."

Parent of a teenage Bass student

Dear Jerome and Corinne, "Thank you for embedding the love of music in the boys character. You have been an excellent example over the years and we've enjoyed your enthusiasm."

Parent of two teenage Piano students

Dear Jerome, "We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your enthusiasm and the encouragement you offer our son. He looks forward to lessons with you. The first thing he does after school is pick up his guitar and play, a pleasant transition in his day. We are thankful for the work you do!"

Parents of a Guitar student

Dear Jerome, "Our son has really enjoyed your teaching this year! You are a kind, gentle man, who seems to set a great example for the kids!"

Parents of a Viola student

To the Couture's, "Thanks for all you do to encourage and inspire our children! Blessings to you. "

Parents of a Violin student

Dear Mr. Couture, "Thank you for all your hard work. Ever since studying with you, our daughter's enthusiasm for the violin has doubled. Best wishes for a happy New Year!!"

Parents of a Violin student

"Jerome and Corinne, Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching!!!"

Parents of a Violin student


Jerome -"Thanks! You're wonderful for my grandson's self-esteem - as I knew you would be!!"

Grand-parent of a Guitar student

Jerome, "Thanks for all the years and for teaching our son to play the bass! It's a lifetime pleasure that he will always have, and it's due to you!"

Parent of a Bass student

Jerome and Corinne - "May the rest of the summer sparkle for you. We are so fortunate to be part of the warm circle of your lives!"

Parent of a Guitar/Saxophone/Piano student

Jerome, "Congratulations on prividing us with another fabulous music recital! The work you do with your students really comes through in the performances. Thank you for being such a great instructor and caring so much about your students. Our son has blossomed under your tuteledge. Thanks!"

Parent of a Guitar student

Dear Jerome and Corinne, "We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for teaching our children so well. We feel fortunate to have found The Music School when we moved here 4 years ago. We simply could not have found better teachers. "

Parents of guitar and piano students

"Jerome is an excellent teacher and simply the most gifted musician I've ever been associated with in the 30+ years of playing guitar. My kids love 'em as well."

Adult student referring another student to The Music School

Dear Jerome, "We thought the Battle of the Bands recital was AWESOME! Thanks!"

Parents of a Guitar student

Dear Jerome, "Thank you for keeping music in our daughter's life through middle school and high school - you have been a positive mentor to her - we have enjoyed the recitals - we appreciated that you made them fun - I gave your name to the IC Coordinator - some parents were asking about referrals and she knew that our daughter had a fantastic music teacher. We wish you continued success with your music and The Music School."

Parent of a Drums student

Dear Jerome and Corinne, "It is all your fault that I have an acoustic set of drums taking up a quarter of my living room! This is in addition to the cello, piano, electric piano, guitars and a sax. If you were not such great teachers these boys of mine would have no interest in all these instruments"

Parent of two music students

"Thank you for these lessons Jerome!"

Parent of a Violin student

Jerome, "Thank you so much for all that you teach our boys in music and in life!"

Parent of two music students

"The instruction that our son received from Jerome was the key ingredient for his exceptional progress and success with music. Jerome has been more than a role model for him, he has been a teacher, a mentor, a friend, and most importantly, his love for music has been an inspiration."

Parent of a Guitar/Vocal student

Jerome, "I just wanted to send you a thank you for all the great advice and teaching you have given my son. You have inspired him as a musician to explore different instruments and to become a better guitarist. I know he will miss his lessons with you and I will miss all the great performances. I am always raving about The Music School and recommend you if any one asks for music instruction. Gook luck with your continued teaching and I hope we will get to see you perform in the future."

Parent of a Guitar/Saxophone/Mandolin/Violin student

Dear Jerome, "Thank you for all your patience and being such a wonderful teacher. Your kind teaching helps me get closer to my dream every day. Also, please keep up your good and hard work for the house. This house is The Music School and it is so important to all of us!!! Thank You!

Adult Cello student

Dear Jerome and Corinne, "Thank you so much for the disk you sent us for Xmas. It's great music! Thanks for all the instruction you give to our boys. We love their progress!"

Parent of two music students

Dear Jerome, "I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me, everthing you have taught me and a wonderful past three years. You made guitar for me a lot of fun, and have turned it into something I want to do for the rest of my life! I'm very nervous to move on to classical guitar, especially with a new teacher, however I know you have prepared me for this. I know it will be a lot of hard work and extra practice, but I'm ready for this thanks to you! I owe everything I know about guitar and even piano to you. I hope in the future I will make you proud. You have helped me out even when I couldn't afford piano lessons and you have no idea how thankful I was and how those lessons have made me an over all better musician! Thank you so much!... for everything."

Graduated Guitar/Piano student

I was a student at West Linn HS. from 1989 to 1990 and a student of Mr. Couture from 1986 to 1990 at Willamette Middle School and West Linn High School. I dropped out of high school in 1990 to become emancipated and join the Army, which I had made a career until 2002. I searched West Linn's site for Mr. Couture's email address so I could thank him for making such a profound and lasting impression on me throughout my adult life. If you could forward this onto him I would be greatly appreciative.

Mr. Couture,

I do not know if you remember me being in your class or not, but I caused you great grief during class and a moment of embarrassment at the Mt. Hood Music Festival in 1998 for looking bored playing the bass during our performance of Canon by Pachelbel. My brother also played the bass and excelled very much with it in high school at the Portland Metro Youth Symphony.

I want to thank you for leaving an everlasting impression on my life regarding how much music can influence everyday life. After I joined the Army in 1990 I purchased a used electric bass that I messed with weekly for a very long time. I purchased another one about 5 years ago and now every weekend I make it a point to de-stress with it for at least an hour. For that hour the world stops turning and doesn't exist while I'm in my own little world playing Pink Floyd, Primus, Korn, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fur Elise, Canon, Souza, and whatever fits the mood.

There was a time that you saw me smoking in the upper parking lot with some friends before school and you said "It's a good thing that you play an instrument and not rely on your lungs to make music, lets go to class". I felt pretty embarrassed that day and wanted to skip Orchestra that day, but thought it'd be better to go. It was a good thing that Orchestra was in first period, otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone to school at all. Dave Hansen could attest to that, most days I'd leave school for the day after third period.

In the 23 years since being a high school student, you have made the biggest positive impression on me. So much that my wife and I have our 13 year old daughter enrolled in The School of Rock here in Salt Lake City. She sings and plays the guitar. Thank God she didn't pick the drums! She looks forward to every lesson after school 3 times a week. I tell her the exact same thing you have said to me and every other student, "Learn how to play an instrument and do it well. If you don't make a living out of it, then you have something that will provide enjoyment for you for the rest of your life".

When I was working in the oilfields in North Dakota for 3 years I brought my bass and practice amp along with me. I was working 100-110 hours per week and was away from home for 4 weeks at a time. Every day after work I'd play my bass for 15-20 minutes just to unwind and make being away from home that long a little bit easier.

Currently I am a Service Supervisor at Cummins in Salt Lake City and have received a Bachelor's degree in Finance from CTU. Because of your patience and fun teaching style I can still identify by ear, that a Cummins 6-BT (320 hp Dodge truck engine) runs at an idle as a C-flat, and the Cummins big boy, the QSK-78 (3,500 hp, 16 cylinder mine haul truck engine) runs at an idle as a G note.

Your class is a main reason for me even showing up at school.
Thank you Mr. Couture

Double Bass student

Jerome, "You are Brilliant! I heard sooo many good comments about you!"

The West Linn UPS guy

Jerome, "Thank you so much for your performance on Saturday.  Everybody had a good time and I loved the variety of music you performed.  Rave reviews!  Thank you! Thank you again for performing and for being such an engaged and entertaining teacher!

Parent of a Guitar student